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  • This authentic Italian chicken cacciatore recipe will make you lick your fingers.


    Authentic Italian Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

    Around these parts, we often talk about the food of the poor. However, we don’t mean it in a disrespectful way, but we are rather in awe of how some of the best dishes were born because people had to get creative and use whatever they found in their kitchen. That is an art in […]

  • pizzoccheri alla valtellina

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    What is Pizzoccheri? ( Traditional Italian Buckwheat Pasta Recipe)

    The world of Italian pasta has its superstars (e.g., spaghetti, linguine, etc.), but there are several other intriguing pastas that remain somewhat under the radar, and pizzoccheri would definitely fall into this category. Contrary to its somewhat misleading name, pizzoccheri doesn’t have anything to do with pizza; instead, it’s a flat, ribbon pasta comprised primarily […]

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  • Pistachio Tiramisu Recipe is a delicious choice.

    Pistachio Tiramisu Recipe

    Well, that didn’t take us long. We spoke a while back about the best authentic Italian Tiramisu recipe –and we lied. Sort of. While  The first one had the zabaione surprise, while this this one is a bit more uncommon–it’s a pistachio tiramisu recipe! And why not? It’s green! It’s even festive, we might add, thus […]

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