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    Risotto with Ham and Mushrooms Is A Surprisingly Healthy Recipe

    Let me start by saying that if you are a vampire, you will absolutely love mushrooms. Wait, what? You see, vampires like to hide from the sun, but this means that they are also missing out on vitamin D. Luckily, mushrooms are in fact the only source of this vitamin and the best part is that you […]

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    What is salami made of might surprise you.

    This Is The Unexpected Truth About What Is Salami Made Of

    Salami (Or salame, as it’s called in Italy) has been around pretty much since forever. Okay, maybe not quite forever, but it is believed that its history dates back even before ancient Rome.   Despite the age, however, commercialism tried to tarnish its reputation—as it always happens. You see, what started as an Italian sausage […]

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    Ever wondered what's the Italian wedding soup history?

    You think you know the Italian wedding soup history? Think again

    Anyone who has a remote interest or preference for soups has probably heard of the Italian wedding soup. Italian wedding soup—let that sink in for a moment. What’s the first thing that pops into your head? If you’re like me, you probably think, “Dang it, that must be one hell of a wedding dish, if […]

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    What is Pasta Made Of and Who Should We Thank For It

    What is Pasta Made Of and Who Should We Thank For It

    Ah, pasta! Alongside pizza, it’s the most common culinary word on your mind when you think of Italian gastronomy. It has definitely earned a place in the food hall of fame, not just because of its versatility, but also because—admit it, pasta lovers—you too recreated THAT scene from “Lady and the Tramp” which almost never […]

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